How We Chose Our Race Course

For those of you that do not know the purpose of our racecourse and running UP Commercial Ave., here is a brief explanation about our course.

Julia Bargman was the Assistant Cross Country Coach for Smithville High School & Track Coach for the Middle School. She was also the Counselor at the Middle School.   For many years, she cheered her runners on at practice as they ran UP commercial. As a runner herself, in high school, Julia also had many track practices running UP Commercial.

On another part of the course, along Brasfield, you will come upon a highly decorated street: Brasfield and Highland and Brasfield and Dundee. Dundee is the street where Julia spent most of her childhood growing up. Her childhood friends and neighbors have many memories with Julia, and they take the time to share memories with her as they decorate the street. Take the time and look at the photos they proudly display in Julia's memory; these were very special times for all of them.

The finish on the track just seems appropriate for all of the years Julia spent on the track as a runner, cheerleader and coach. So enjoy the race and every aspect of it. Even though Commercial is a brutal end to the race, think of Julia and the fight she had for 14 years with cancer. One little hill, one time a year, is nothing compared to what she and so many others with cancer battle each and every day.

So take it in...and push yourself, find your inner strength and do this for someone who can't.