Where Does Your Money Go?

Where does the money go that is so graciously donated? Where do the entry fee proceeds go? 

Those are all good questions to ask as you sign up for any race or make donations to any organization. Julia's Warriors Run for Hope and the Julia Bargman Hope Foundation combine together to donate funds to a few different places. We will do our best to outline each of these and provide you with the most current information as to where your funds are being distributed.

Please visit any of the following pages to read about our race, Julia, our Mission, scholarship recipients, past races, and links to a few local organizations.

The University of Nebraska Foundation – Breast Cancer Research & Developmental Fund

As we strive to keep our money local, there is one place very dear to our hearts that we donate, and that is The University of Nebraska Foundation – Breast Cancer Research & Developmental Fund. You may ask why Nebraska? Well, this is the place where, when first diagnosed, Julia received her stem cell transplant. We feel they gave Julia new life and 14 more years with us. They have a large Breast Cancer Research Center, and we hope that with the help of our Foundation, we can at some point find a cure for Breast Cancer. 

To date, we have donated $8,000.00 to the University of Nebraska Foundation – Breast Cancer Research & Developmental Fund.

Saint Luke’s Foundation – Center for Women’s Care

Our largest recipient of donations is the Saint Luke’s Foundation – Center for Women’s Care. The Center for Women’s Care provides free mammograms for underinsured and uninsured women in the Northland. Here is a quote from the Center about our funds from 2013:

"Together, the collaborative efforts of all are helping to provide uninsured women proper clinical breast exams, mammographies and breast education. This year, we had the opportunity to screen up to 125 women who otherwise would have gone without a mammography.

"This year too, with the collaborative support from all donors, we were able to provide a specialized training, called MammaCare Certification, to two clinicians: one at Saint Luke’s North Hospital Center for Women’s Care and one at the Kansas City Free Health Clinic. Both of these women are now certificated to provide proper breast screenings to this population."

To date, we have donated $60,000.00 to the Saint Luke’s Foundation – Saint Luke’s Center for Women’s Care.

The Coach "B" Hope Scholarship

This is a $1000.00 scholarship awarded to a Smithville High School Senior for one year. Our selection committee has the difficult job of choosing these recipients, through an application process, to receive this very special scholarship.

To date, we have donated $16,000.00 for the Coach "B" Hope Scholarship.

The Smithville High School Cross Country Booster Club and Cross Country Team

Julia was the Cross Country Assistant Coach and was very passionate about her kids and the overall success of the team. She always taught the kids to do their best and never give up. Each year, The Julia Bargman Hope Foundation has donated to the Cross Country Boosters and Cross Country team. The funds have helped them purchase new team warm ups, a new cross country tent for meets, and several other items that have helped with the success of a team that continues to bond.

To date, we have donated $14,000.00 to the Smithville Cross Country Boosters/Cross Country Team.